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Primary And Secondary Level Textbooks

In line with the demands of the new curriculum syllabus. They are easy to understand and have well-structured objectives at the beginning of every topic.

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Who Are These Textbooks For?

  • Students who want to pass with flying colors
  • Parents concerned about the educational performance and or well being of their child and or children
  • Teachers who are still overwhelmed and struggling to teach the new curriculum in classes with ease
  • Schools hungry to level up their academic standards
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About Edulight Books

The #1 educational publisher in Zimbabwe that houses a team of highly experienced writers, motivated primary and secondary teachers, hardworking editors, and dedicated team members. As Edulight Books, we seek to ensure that every child in rural or urban schools in Zimbabwe is afforded their right to education through access to learning materials, particularly textbooks that are in line with the current New Curriculum in Zimbabwe

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