About Edulight Book Publishing

As Edulight, we seek to ensure that every child in rural or urban Zimbabwe is afforded their right to education through access to learning materials, particularly textbooks.


Become a publishing Industry game-changer.


To produce, promote & provide new & novel educational material that suits current educational & technological dictates.


The business of business is business.

You Can Depend On Us To Get Good Text Books

Since 2018

Edulight was established in 2018 under the Companies Act Chapter 24:03. The main objective of the organization is to publish, promote and provide new and novel textbooks for primary, secondary, and tertiary education. With the advent of the competence-based Curriculum in Zimbabwe, there is a need for more players in the publishing sector in order to provide a wide range of learning material.

Edulight Team

Why Edulight Beats All Of Its Competitors?

Our textbooks have been written and edited by experienced teachers who are currently teaching in various schools across Zimbabwe. These officers are at the forefront in the implementation of the competence-based educational blueprint. In producing publications, Edulight Book Publishing works with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education through its Curriculum Development and Technical Services Department (COTS) in the evaluation and approval process. Edulight Book Publishing also works closely with Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Organisation (ZIPO) and Zimbabwe National Archives in the registration of copyrights as prescribed by law.

Meet The Board Of Directors

Mr Watadza M X edulight founder and executive managing director

Watadza Mhazo Xavier

– Executive Managing Director

Watadza Mhazo Xavier is the founder and Executive Managing Director at Edulight Books. He attained a Bachelor of Arts General from the University of Zimbabwe in 2007, Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Philosophy from Great Zimbabwe University in 2011 & a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of South Africa in 2016.
He is currently studying Ph.D. Philosophy with the University of London. Mr. Watadza joined the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in 2009 and is currently teaching at Budiriro 2 High School in Harare. He is the author of the Yeukai Chishona Primary to A level series. He also co-authored New Trends in English Language form 1 & New Trends in A-Level Heritage Studies Volume 1 & Volume 2.

Masiiwa Tariro Managing Director at Edulight

Masiiwa Tariro

– Managing Director

Masiiwa Tariro is the executive director at Edulight Books. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the National University of Science & Technology (2013). She became a certified Tax Accountant after completing her Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation with the institute of Certified Tax Accountants of Zimbabwe. Currently, she is studying Master of Business Administration (Strategic Leadership) at the University of Zimbabwe. She is employed by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority as a Revenue Officer. in Harare. Her tax knowledge is very fundamental in making sure that the company complies with the tax regulations